ERP Software

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. We design ERP as per client’s requirement. ERP software allows us to closely monitor KPIs (key performance indicators) that are needed in order to meet the goals in the business plan of the company. Integral things like product planning, inventory and customer service can all be managed through ERP Software. ERP consists  internal and external management information across an entire organization, embracing finance/accounting, manufacturing, sales and service,  purchase, delivery etc. ERP systems automate this activity with an integrated software application. Its purpose is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the boundaries of the organization and manage the connections to outside stakeholders.The different modules of ERP Software are as below:                                                                  ü  Sales ü  Service ü  Manufacturing ü  Purchase ü  Production Planning ü  Inventory ü  Engineering ü  Delivery ü  Accounting ü  Business Intelligence, etc.

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